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    Advice on selling for a new collector?

    Hi. I've been a basketball junkie for 30 years and I'm new to collecting basketball cards. I've built up a small collection, been to a show, read some books and have gone through many discussion boards.

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to sell online. I know it's more art than science but would appreciate some feedback from those with a lot of experience. Seem to me, to sell online, there are two avenues.

    1. Put them up on auctions with no reserve - eBay or card specific auctions - and let the market determine the value? I've done this with a few I have thought were valuable and didn't sell at even 1 cent.

    2. Put them up on an eBay Store or at a fixed price on the various card collecting sites?

    The most difficult part of this is trying to figure out a price. Beckett and closed auction prices are a good place to start I guess until I get more experience.

    Last, which sites, besides this site and eBay, are the best sites for trying this out?

    Thanks for your help.

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    try also
    Collecting: Current Cubs, Current Steelers, JUJU Smith-Schuster, Hines Ward, Mitch Trubisky, Tarik Cohen, and WWE autos

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    u could do it here or on ebay hose seem to be he best places and i u r intrested in any of my card let me know and maybe we could trade or i could sell some to u

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    Cool. I prefer collecting and trading anything pre-1990 for obvious reasons.

    What's your experience of putting up a valuable card and letting it ride? I have a bunch of jersey cards including Lebron and Melo that I'm considering trying out. Is that better than a fixed price and wait?

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    putting it up for no reserve can be risky if you dont list it at the good selling times and other reasons. Coming up with a price you would sell for and then posting it on here or other sites first would probably get you more $

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    Glad I found this forum. I know a lot about basketball but not so much about collecting cards.

    1/2 price seems like a good idea. Here, an eBay Store and Any others you know of that are worth it?

    Do you suggest getting anything graded?

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    I only have two graded cards: 2003-04 Fleer Tradition #261 Lebron (Beckett Grade 9.5) & 2003 Upper Deck Lebron James Box Set #28 (Beckett 10). I have thousands of other. I can check for DWade, Miles, Webber or others you are looking for.

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