This forum is to be used for posting sets you are looking to complete or collect. For each set you are collecting, make a thread, do not post multiple set wants in the same thread. Then those of you who have these cards go through and find the sets and reply to the sets people are collecting.
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Do not make new threads for cards you are trading here, that is what the Basketball Trading Forum is for. Any improperly titled threads will be renamed, moved or deleted at staff's discretion.

Please follow the below guidelines for each post so it fits in Orderly.

  • Title each post with Year, and then Brand, and then Set.
    Example- 2003-04 Finest Refractors
  • Then post the card #'s in the post so people know which you need.
  • Do this for each set your collect, do not group sets together.
  • If you do not follow these requirements properly, your thread will either be renamed, moved to general trading, or deleted. Using a proper title and follow these guidelines will help keep this forum organized and easy to navigate.

Uses of this forum serve as a place to build and complete your sets, as well as show off your sets. This organized process helps make this subforum very easy to navigate and sort through. Any posts not complying will be moved to Basketball Trading.

Once you complete a set, or if you stop collecting a set, please let us know so we can close it.

If you have any questions feel free to PM any basketball tam member.

Threads for multiple sets in one thread should be posted in the regular Basketball Card Trading forum.