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Thread: Card count help!

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    Card count help!

    Is there a way to filter out the 1/1's when you do a card look up for a player on Beckett? There are 4184 total Rickey Henderson cards listed, but if I can elminate the 1/1's I think that will drop that # by 1/3. Any help would be great! Thanks,
    Rickey Henderson stats. 1973/7328 = 26.92% 170 GU, 8 Auto
    Sean Casey stats. 1132/2672 = 42.37% 121 GU, 56 AutoHidden Content
    Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    Nope. Gotta manually weed through the list.

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    are a third of those rickey's really 1/1's? that's a ton.

    if you want to buy some bulk (dups included) henderson base cards at 5¢ plus shipping let me know. I probably have about 200-500 in stock.

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    Hey Tim,
    I did some looking through his cards listed on and found (from 2000-present) about 235 press plates & #/1 cards. Now, that doesn't count some 'platinum' parallels which may be #/1, or some of the other gu cards that may be 1/1's but aren't numbered. I just quickly went through and was looking for press plates & #/1 cards.
    I think maybe 1/3 off is too high, it just feels like that due to all the teams he's played for and all the sets/parallels/inserts flooding the market the last few years.
    If you do go through there and weed 'em out GOOD LUCK (& LMK what ya come up with)!! lol!
    Catch ya later,

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