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    Thumbs up Rules for this forum (Please read!)

    Please post to the specific TEAM or PLAYER thread already created. It's not hijacking in here. If after doing a search your team/player isn't posted.. please create one following this template.

    Player-team(s) played for.
    Brendan Shanahan- Blues, Red Wings(Trader!!)

    The Team
    Chicago BlackHawks

    Scf feels these forums can be a valuable tool for collectors.
    Thank You,
    Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
    As of May 2017 ~ STILL Collect the following --> ALL 01-04 UD SP Legendary cuts Mlb G/U *Also, Topps insert Sp's.
    1985T Mlb mini's issue(Canadian release)
    Vintage & Modern issues: Have old school players but want current players? I may want them, please Pm me.Thank You | GINTER G/U

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    Update Tip:

    When using this forum you may find it easier to use in Alphabetical style versus the default> last post time.

    Simply click the "THREAD" by /Thread Starter above first post, also make sure display options at the bottom are set: From the Beginning.

    Update Tip:

    When using this forum you can view all the thread ever made so you don't repeat a player.

    Simply go to the display options at the bottom of the forum and change the box next to the words "From The" from "Last Week" to "Beginning". Then use the tip above to turn it into alphabetical order and you can see if your player is already listed!

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    Remember to follow these guidelines!


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