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    2 Page Bucket Update! Trade and Sell-NEW

    New guidelines- either you trade me your really high-end for my stuff of lesser BV and I give you 125% of BV in return, or you trade me common g/u real cheap for stuff you want (say for instance 30 g/u commons for the Hack Wilson bat), or you BUY it... lotsa wiggle room, have tradelist, site, scans, paypal, etc ready... a DEAL is a DEAL once posted and confirmed- not before then.. Thanks!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I like the Leroy Kelly AU- if the Roethlisberger $15 insert interests you- maybe I could throw those in w/ Jacobs and we'd have a deal?

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    I dont trade auto's for non-autos unless I get trade in my favor. Anything else?

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    There's the $50 Roethlisberger /25- I don't really care to trade that much in your favor- maybe you could throw those 3 LeBron inserts in? The City Heights and the 2 LBJ that are from 05/06 Hoops?

    That makes it the Kelly and 3 LeBrons for $15 Roeth ins $50 Roeth Platinum Gridiron Gear, and the Omar Jsy... LMK

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    I can do that. Set it up and I will confirm.

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    Unreal- all the members on here milling about... NO ONE wants a Pujols dual Patch/laundry tag?

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    If you had enough base cards of Roethlisberger, Polamolu, Willie Parker, Joey Porter, Hines Ward... that'd work... also Charlie Frye, Braylon Edwards

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