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    A Celebration of Meeeeeee Contest / Giveaway

    Helloooooo! I can't buy anything for myself because Christmas is coming and I've gotta buy presents for the family and the work idiots, but I'm addicted so what can I do, I neeeeeeed a fix mannnnn. So I went to the LCS after work because I figured I'd buy something for you lot and that way I could at least buy SOMETHING............

    So.......we're all here to give me props for the following:

    I was October's Member of the Month, as voted by........I don't really know, but I'll take the badge :)

    I just reached my 50th feedback!! 50 trades or purchases and not one single problem :)) "job" here as staff sometimes makes things uncomfortable when it comes to rule violations etc. When I started off at first, some of the people who I had to deal with were..........ummmmm mean. But lately it's like "Thanks for the heads up, Ed!" or "I'm really sorry, it'll never happen again." Y'all are making things easy for me, so to thank you profusely I'm gonna give these jersey cards away in a contest. It's open to anyone & everyone and all you have to do is leave a post in the thread between now and 8:30 PM eastern on Monday December 2nd so I can see your name. That's it that's all..............

    3rd prize, donated by Derek at OT Sports Cards himself, a 13/14 Score Team 8s (OMG, Team 8s - Teammates?? DID I JUST REALIZE THAT????) featuring the Tampa Bay Lightning & Florida Panthers......

    2nd prize, a pair of Boston Bruins cards, a 11/12 ITG Heroes & Prospects Cam Neely /60 and a 11/12 UD Artifacts Horizontal Tyler Seguin 24/50. They smell of thuggery. I might black out one of Neely's teeth before mailing........

    Annnnnnnnnd.............. this is a nice card, with three highly collectible players on it PLUS Nikolai Khabibulin ha! A 2013 ITG Decades 90's quad jersey card featuring Sergei Fedorov, Igor Larionov, Pavel Bure and The Bulin Wall......

    Not too shabby? Thanks again everyone, you all make this a great place to be :)
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    We're lucky to have you here on scf!
    Looking for tough guys and fighters show me what you gotHidden Content
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    Great to have you and I love seeing your Kesler collection grow !
    Major PC - Cody Almond, Magnus Paajarvi
    Minor PC - Carey Price, Tommy Salo Edmonton Oilers, Justin Schultz, Hall,Eberle, Nugent Hopkins, Marc Andre Fleury and St.Louis Blues
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    Good on you 87sluggo. thanks
    Looking for 05-06 UD Series 1 and 2 Rookies.05-06 UD Series1-201-06-12-15-30-Series2-443
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    I like the "smell of thuggery". Comment. So true! Haha.
    I'm still in the midst of gutting my extensive high end rookie collection (2001-2010 and all my other mid-high end cards too). I'm still keeping a few, but almost all are going. Take a look around and let me know what you like! Hidden Content

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    I definitely didn't make the Team 8's = teammates connection either!
    I am collecting 13-14 Prizm Mike Kostka cards (9 of 14), 12-13 Black Diamond Quads (need #201). I will trade/buy/sell for any cool cards. Just ask!

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    very nice of you....


    P.S - if i do win prize 1 or 2 i will trade it to whoever gets the team 8's card ;) (starting a huberdeau PC)

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    Awesome thread and nice to see ya put ip some beauties for a nice contest. Best of luck to whoever wins.

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    Thanks for the contest Ed, and well deserved on the member of the month award!

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    Definitely giving credit where it is due. Congrats!
    Looking for Patrick Roy, PK Subban, Carey Price, SPX SHADOWBOXES (ANY YEAR), Black Diamond Cup rings (Any year)

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