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    Jaromir Jagr could be the NHLís last 700-goal man

    I had to mark my 2000th post with an interesting commentary about Jaromir.

    With Mario Lemieux is in his rearview mirror, Jaromir Jagr is now tied with Steve Yzerman. Mark Messier is next. Then the 700-goal mark.

    Will there ever be another 700-goal scorer in the NHL? Depends if superstars of this generation love the game as much as Jagr.
    Some fans might have missed it Wednesday amid the 13-game schedule, but Jagr scored for the Devils in a 4-3 loss to Carolina, the 691st goal of his career, moving him past Lemieux into ninth place on the NHLís all-time goal list. Jagr scored it in his 1,416th career game though, needing 500 more games than Mario.
    On Friday night, Jagr scored again, tying Yzerman with his 692nd career goal.

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    Crosby and Malkin are probably the only 2 that have that chance. But they really have to go injury free for the next 13 years.

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    Ovy will have approx 430 goals at the end of this season, his 9th at age 28...if he wants to play another 9, and obviously injury free, which he seems most likely of anyone, he can Easily do it by averaging only 30 G per year, but more likely 40, which would put him at 790 goals at the age of 37.

    But who knows, only him, he may suddenly pull a Kovy, or he may want to stay and "kill it"...I would guess the latter, as he is a competitive guy, and you could not ask for a better coach than Oates for him. I also think his parent's live here so that is also a factor for him staying...its basically up to him if he wants to, not if he can.
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    Forgot about Ovechkin. He looks like the most capable, but there's an awful long way to go.

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    Done! The most Capable is forgotten! The soft headed 26 yr old Crosby with 250 Goals or the 27 yr Malkin with....224 goals it 13 years! :P Actually if Ovy averages 54 for only 5 years...Kaputzky, mission accomplished, but lets give him 6, its not like the guy is a goal scoring machine or something...

    za vashe zdorovye
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    No way Ovechkin gets 700. He'll give up long before then or get injured. Just wait until the next lockout, etc. He should crack 600, but not 700.
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    Offense doesn't come in plenty anymore, not the way it did when Jagr broke into the league. Like others have mentioned already - there are very few players right now with even a shot at it (Ovechkin probably the most likely) but it will take a long career, and being reasonably healthy to do it.

    Jagr gets a lot of praise for how good he's been - but I sometimes wonder if people forget exactly how good he is. IMO - he is easily one of the best 10 players to have ever laced them up, and a great argument could be made for him being one of the best 5.

    The biggest shame of it all, is the lockout years / KHL years for him.

    Current Carrer Numbers: 692 G / 1018 A / 1710 P

    Consider this...

    94-95, the lockout shortend season, he put up 32 / 38 / 70...... in just 48 games. If they had played a full 82, it is not unreasonable to think he would have had another 20 G / 25 A.

    The 2004-05 season was lost to a lockout. a 42 Goal / 56 Assist / 98 Point season looks like a reasonable expectation to me. That was the average numbers when I look at the 03-04 season and 05-06 season for Jagr.

    Had last season been a full year, 25 G / 30 A / 55 P (instead of 16 / 19 / 35) seems very doable, considering his pace last year & this year.

    That would be another 71 G, 92 A, 163 P, if we earse "points lost due to lockouts"

    Toss in three years in the KHL.... where, IMO, 30 G / 40 A seasons would have been EASY for him to achieve in the NHL.... that's another 90 G, 120 A, 210 P.

    Obviously I'm using a bit of guessing, assumptions (i.e. healthy), etc here.... but I don't think I'm all that far off, at least as to what's probably.

    An extra 161 Goals, 212 A, 373 P, it would have his current career numbers looking like this:

    853 G / 1230 A / 2083 P

    Yup. There's an excellent chance that Jagr, if his games played was closer to what it's max potential would have been, is only the 3rd guy to crack 800 goals, and right now we'd all be wondering if he'll hang around long enough to pass Gretzky. It would take him into next year for sure.... probably the year after.... so it does seem unlikely he'd be able to hang around long enough to do it. He'd finish 2nd all time, by a wide margin though.

    We'd also be talking about the inevitability of him moving past Ronny Francis for 2nd in all time assists, being less than 20 away from the mark of 1,249.

    For points, he'd be the only other player to hit the 2,000 mark. Second all time.

    No chance he'd have even been able catch Gretzky in Points or Assists, but the goal record could have fallen. There is a very probable chance that without the lockouts, and without the KHL, he'd already be (statistically) the second greatest offensive player of all time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyes View Post
    za vashe zdorovye

    Just interesting. I grew up in a very Russian town and didn't know this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post

    Just interesting. I grew up in a very Russian town and didn't know this.
    Hmmm, yes, I intended it to mean "to your health" but that is Polish it
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    Dybosia !!

    I was raised partially Ukranian. My Grand-father had an unknown birth country. Nobody knows for sure if Belarus, Ukraine, Poland or Easten Romania.

    My dad's Mother was one of 6 million Ukranians living and born in Poland. She spoke Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, and understood Yiddish as she was from the country, English was the language she knew the least.

    Whenever we would Toast to Health, Good Fortune, Good-Luck, or in pleasant celebration….. Among all Ukrainians and some Poles, you would hear - Dybosia

    I have even had Russians understand this goodwill toast.

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