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    Help With what to do with my Leinart Dual Auto, POSSIBLY FT/FS

    Ok i recently made a nice 1 for 1 trade, i recieved a 06 Press Pass Matt Leinart/LenDale White Dual Auto "TEAMMATES" card. Isnt numbered but i hear its very short printed, only 2 to ever sell on ebay went for 157 buy it not and 185..Im not sayin ill get that out of it but who knows. My question is should i sell it while press pass is still kinda hot, I can also get good bv out of it. So im coming here first for my offers, for now its up For Sell/Trade. Let me know what bv you could give on it cuz i real ly have NO clue. Ill attach a scan, thanks.

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    wish I had something to offer you but MY redemptions havent come in yet. I'd sell it now while the price is up.

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    help you with what to do with it????

    ...heck, just give it to me


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    Im thinking about selling it, but still would trade/sell in here if anybody gives me the right offer, let me know guys!

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    Sell that baby is what I would say while they are still kinda hot.

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    sell it man, dont wait for press pass to lose all of its value

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    I hope you get your money worth. The better question is, what did you trade for it?

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    Well I see you made up your mind luck..

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