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    If you collected some of the 05 Rc's COME IN NOW!!!

    We got Big Stacks of the following players if interested i'll scan that player:
    Inludes GU and Autos of the best Brands...exqusite...SPA...patches...more.
    C. Roby
    b. Edwards
    c. frye
    j. campbell
    m. bradley
    r. white
    jj arington
    r. brown
    c. fason
    r. moats
    h. miller
    r. parrish
    a. rodgers
    k. ortan
    a. rolle
    f. gore
    c. rogers
    s. lefors
    a. mchperson (pending)
    e. shelton
    m. jones
    a. walter
    t. walliamson
    b. leftwich

    2006 Sage Autos
    2005 all American auto (pending)
    P. Manning (including a 1/1)

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    what do you have in heath miller?

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    i'm after
    C. Roby
    also any 05 adam 'pacman' jones
    or any other titans...
    lmk thanks necron

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    Autos of Vince Young, Caddy, Rodgers, Ronnie, Braylon

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