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Thread: Wondering what box to get

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    Wondering what box to get

    I have been browsing on dacardworld, and saw a few things i liked. I want to get either a basketball or football box, that is a decent price(probably under $100) and that i can either get nice tradebait or something nice for PC. I was thinking of getting the basketball 05 SP Authentic box for $82.95, but im not sure right now.

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    i think the authentic would be a nice box ..was thinkiong of getting a couple is starting to gain it's popularity in the card market again..

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    SP authentic is a huge hit or miss. Unless you get a paul it's not worth it. I would preorder a box of topps Luxury Box. It releases next week and you get 1 auto, 2 GU, and 2 Dual GU cards ber box. I have it for 92 DLVD if interested send me a PM. Other than that if you don't like topps, I would probably go with SPx or Reflections

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