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    Lightbulb Selling My whole little collection

    Looking to start competly over selling everything under my collection for sale page on my site we'll break out accepting paypal,moneyorder,cash (not responsible for lost cash) but would prefer paypal well lmk thanks

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    hey if i could get the card numbers of all of the 02-03 chrome cards you have, Id buy some if I need them, (Im trying to make the set) please pm me.
    looking for all melo and warrick
    Need!!!!! 06-07 Finest BLUE AND GREEN REFRACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    is that kobe a rc? the skybox premium?if so what price you want
    What do u want for each please:
    Villenueva rc
    Ben gordon rc
    nelson rc
    2 g/u gordons
    g/u hill

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    dont know much about these cards not sure if even a rookie kobe i know it books 10 i Give you it for 4

    nelson 1.00
    hill gu 6.00

    im only really selling cards under the collection for sale part but i let the grant hill go but my bG are not for sale LMK

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