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    Just Sold My Lebron Bowman Chrome Rc- Have About $60-65 Paypal To Spend

    Not looking for much high end stuff. Want low-mid range 05-06 rookie autos! Please let me know what you have, thanks. Especially want Antoine Wright stuff.
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    id be interested in the villanueva, green, and mccants spa autos...
    i could trade or add some paypal- prob cant get them all- still saving some for antoine wright

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    I'm about to head off to bed because I've been up all night and I have to work this evening. I can PM you when I get off tonight and we go from there or you can PM me and make an offer on any of the 3, if you want. Also, I didn't see anything on your tradelist I could use.

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    It's right on the pull down where you click on my user name, but here it is.

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