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Derek Jeter 2004 Sweet Spot Home Run Heroes gold All Star Jersey card of #'d 60/199
Albert Pujols 2004 Upper Deck Etchings Blue Bat
Anthony Reyes 2006 Topps Certified Autograph
Cal Ripken j.r. 2001 upper deck legends
Cal Ripken j.r. 2004 SWEET SPOT CLASSIC PATCH 146/150
Nolan Ryan 2001 upper deck legends jersey
Barry Zito 2003 Topps Certified Autograph TA-BZ
Adrian Beltre 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White (bat) 012/100 5
Wade Boggs 2004 Throwback Threads Century Collection (jersey) 192/250 CC-95
Luis Castillo 2004 Leather And Lumber (jersey) 189/250 55 Notes: stripe down the side
Barry Larkin 2004 Throwback Threads Century Stars (jersey) 35/50 CS-4 Notes: stripe in right corner
Mike Mussina/Josh Beckett 2004 Leather And Lumber Rivals (jerseys) 250/250 LLR-30
Mike Mussina 2004 Upper Deck Awesome Honors (jersey) 019/165 AH-MU Notes: stripe down side
Brett Myers 2004 Leather And Lumber (jersey) 063/250 112 Notes:Stripe down the side
Alex Rodriguez 2004 Throwback Threads Blast From The Past (bat) 087/250 BP-2
Alex Rodriguez 2004 Leaf Sunday Dress second edition (jersey)
Mark Teixeira 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue (jersey) 049/100 134
Jim Thome 2004 Upper Deck Awesome Honors (jersey) AH-JT Notes:red stripe down the side
Dontrelle Willis 2004 fleer sweet sigs (jersey) 004/186 BH-DW