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    Looking to sell off some of my Top Prospect RC Auto Collection

    The title says it all. Take a look at my tradelist. I prefer to sell right now. Most cards will go for about 50% of BV, some will be harder to get. Please let me know if you are interested.


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    Forgot to mention, I have a Andrew McCutchen SOG Auto, 05 TCU REF Auto and Sterling Braun Auto for sale as well.


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    Andrew McCutchen SOG Auto, 05 TCU REF Auto

    2004 Bowman Base Variation Auto BV $20

    LMK on these 2 ...

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    I'd want 10DLVD for the Sizemore (It's BV is actually 25 now)

    The McCutchen SOG Auto I can sell for 15. (BV of 25, Routinely sell on the Bay for between 15-20)

    The REF Auto I'd have to get 50 for. It books 60 and I believe it will only contintue to increase in value.

    Please let me know


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