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    FS/FT 1994 Microsoft Complete Baseball CD

    I came across a 1994 Microsoft Complete Baseball CD

    Below is a brief review when this CD was issued;
    "Much of the CD-ROM's contents come from Total Baseball, the exemplary reference book edited by John Thorn and Pete Palmer. From the opening screen, you can tap into team histories, player stats, bios (these also cover managers, owners, umpires, and sportswriters), a year-by-year almanac, a list of record holders, a trivia game, and a chronicle that incorporates Total Baseball's chapters on everything from the Negro Leagues to baseball collecting.

    But it's the visual and aural touches that make Complete Baseball such a nifty piece of work: photos from throughout baseball's history, video footage from 12 key moments, even the folksy twang of slide guitar as you switch from one section to another."

    LMK if you are interested, thanks

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    what are you looking for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taliasen View Post
    what are you looking for?
    $10 cash or trade, thanks

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