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    FT/FS Sega Sonic Adventure CD and Barbie Detective CD

    Titles says what I have. Both are Rated E for everyone. LMK if you are interested, thanks.

    The 1999 Sonic Adventure CD has 2 CD in the set.
    The 1998 Barbie CD comes with a user guide. -- SOLD
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    Can I get details about the barbie cd, what is it? interactive? movie, songs etc...thank you

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    It is an interactive detective game featuring you and Barbie. You would team up with Barbie to solve the carnival mystery with clues that change every time you play.

    Barbie is a detective in search of Ken, a stash of cash and the criminal who started the whole caper. Working with Becky, the evidence expert and her cool Crime Computer, Barebie explores the rides and games of the carnival, interviews the characters she meets and follows a huge trail of clues. There are new clues and different endings to the mystery every time you play.

    Its been a long time that my daughter used it, so I really do not remember all the details.

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