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    What's the better choice in this trade?

    Knowing how I am a die hard Mark Brunell collector, what would be better to have:

    1999 Score Inscriptions AUTO Jim Brown BV$80


    2002 Crown Royale Triple Threads GOLD (#/25) Smith, Taylor and BRUNELL BV???

    Different serial number, but same card as above.

    1. So what's the better choice, and

    2. What's a fair BV (trade value) on the Triple Threads since it's "too scarce" to book. In the 4 years, since the Triple Threads was released I've only seen 2 or 3 ever offered on ebay!!!! The regular Triple Threads (with a print run of 355) is BV$20.

    Opinions appreciated - thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    your a brunell fan, but you would probably be able to something alot better from that brown auto, either by selling, or trading.

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    go with the auto young man go with the auto;;;]

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    Being from Jacksonvile I'd still go with the Brown auto. You can never go wrong picking up his stuff.

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    definitely Jim Brown. He`s approaching 70 years old and I hate to think like this, but ................. he`s sure to skyrocket in BV one of these days/years. Go with that one and hold on to it for a few years <-------------- for Jim Browns sake.

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    Jim Brown sells well, not great. I've had multiple autos of him...he signs everything and has autographed cards everywhere. If the odds, time, effort to find the Brunell again is a pain then just do the trade. You can pick up another Brown Auto that books $80.00 in the $30.00 range any day of the week.

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    I concur with asujbl...get the Brunell card. I think if you have the opportunity to get a card #'d/25 that you need, you should probably take it and not risk that it is the last one you ever see available.
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    Very interesting debate.

    What kind of BV is FAIR on the TRiple Threads since the regular unnumbered one is $20?

    I'll post what happened after I get some more opinions. TIA!

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    Thanks for the input! Maybe because I'm crazy or soething, but this was a really hard decision to make for me. BUT in the end, I traded a piece of my Personal Collection, the Triple Threads, for the Brown because it was helping out a fellow "hardcore" player collector - he's a Jimmy Smith collector. Highlights in his collection are 31 #1/1 and 19 printing plates of Smith! I still have one of the Triple Threads but now I need to find some more of them GOLD parallels!!! This ain't going to be easy!

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