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    FT/FS Jason Campbell Sweet Spot auto 66/199

    If looking to trade im looking for brian westbrooks, if looking to buy plz make an offer

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    I have this BV$40

    05 Gridiron Gear Performers Jerseys Jumbo Swatch Prime Brian Westbrook 50/50 #5 (1 color with Stitching. Huge swatch. Nice card)#20

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    the campbell bv too is 40, however i already have that card, thanks for the offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrade
    dont have any westbrooks..but please look over my site
    what is the bv of this 04 topps deangelo hall-rookie premiere-autograph

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    o wow, definitely didnt know that, sorry that was the only card that interested me and there is NOTHING that i have to come close to that card

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