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    Need some info on a card. TNA Lock of Hair card/Autograph

    I was hoping someone here would be able to give me some information on a card I just pulled from a box of TNA Xtreme. It was a lock of hair/Autograph card from SoCal Val. The card is #ed 2/3. I had never seen one of these before and was hoping someone here could tell me the value.

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    I didnt know that Tna did those but I have a friend who opens up benchwarmers and he says people go crazy for them in that product, sorry I couldnt be more helpful ~ :)
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    Theres a handful on ebay at the moment, the same seller has them all for insanely high prices. I know the Christy Hemme 1/1 sold for like $250 about a year ago. The french guy who super collects her bought it, Cinalex I think is his name here.

    either way great pull
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    Nice pull man. Yeah Ive see these before and people that have pulled similiar ones are selling on ebay for ridiculous amounts and they will probably never sell. On a different note, Val is coming into town saturday and cant wait to meet her again.
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    Yes, i bought the Hemme 1/1 ^^ And i definitively try to find the /3 ^^
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