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    lets try again
    Collecting Joe Thornton

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    added spx and totally certified (even though they only come out in a week and a half) so think of me when pulling your sharks rookies
    Collecting Joe Thornton

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    bring this up, have some paypal coming in the next week so lets make some deals
    Collecting Joe Thornton

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    I got the Irwin ICE Premieres /999. PM if you need it.

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    thanks for the easy deal Mooche. lets bump for another deal
    Collecting Joe Thornton

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    I have a Totally Certified base #96 of Pavelski, and the #212 Petrecki Rookie.

    How does $3.00 sound? Shipped!

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    Thanks Goose for the easy deal. paypal reloaded. looking to make some more deals
    Collecting Joe Thornton

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    I have these of your wants:
    SPX base: Boyle, Thornton, Pavelski
    SPX rookie #127: Freddie Hamilton


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