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    Talking Just pulled a nice Berkman GU w/ pinstripe! FT!

    Anybody here interested in a 06 Bazooka Basics "Hitting" Lance Berkman GU jersey (white with black pinstripe)?
    Just LMK cause I have no use for it!
    Don't need a GU in return.


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    Hey Henri, I know Texas33 (Eric) collects Berkman, you might want to see if he needs it.


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    Rick, I checked to see if Texas33 was online but he's not. Are you sure he collects Berkman? LOL In one of his posts he asks for "all sports but please no baseball".

    CubsFan7: what do you have to offer? The stuff I collect is in my signature. SO if you have some baseball RC's PLMK.


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    LOL Rick, good that I looked at some of his previous posts before sending him a pm!

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