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Thread: Hobby Opinions and Stories!!

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    Hobby Opinions and Stories!!

    I'm 23, almost 24..., and sometimes I get the impression that collecting sports cards and memorabilia is "childish". Well I'm the kind of person that doesn't care what people say or think, and I love this hobby more and more each day. I know there's a bunch of traders my age, younger, and older. It makes me happy, and motivates me when I see threads posted, and make trades with people here. No offense, but when I trade with a female, I always tell my wife, because I wish I could get her more involved....I know there are plenty of you who have the same thoughts and are the same as me, when it comes to age and opinions. I know there are traders older and younger than me, which I love also. In the newest Beckett they were saying how the hobby was advertising and promoting more to younger people, which I agree with! I just want to know what other traders think about this hobby, and how it's changed over the years...Also, since i'm 23, and I know there's people younger and older, I would love to read when and why some of you started collecting! Please share! Here is my story:

    I was 7, I don't know exactly why I started collecting...My three cousins collected cards, one of which was 11 days younger than me...However, it was '89 Topps and Fleer I remember, and we used to lay them out on the hard wood floor and slide on was fun, even though the Griffey RC's going to be worth a little! I started collecting in the hobby "low times"...Oh well, it was still fun, trading with my three cousins. Then when I was a few years older, I took care of them. I collected Nolan Ryan, and my G-ma looked at me as a "Nolan Ryan". I have looked up to him since I was a little kid, and I have now dedicated my collection to him...That's how it started, and it's grown for different reasons, and has gotten more fun to collect and trade over the years!!!

    I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have similar stories, experiences, and for some of you older collectors that "my mom threw my cards out" Honestly, I had some friends of my family say that their "mom's" threw their cards away!!! And they said they would've given them to me!!! I look forward to your comments and stories on this thread!! Thanks for reading, JOSH

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    I'm 19 right now, I'll be 20 in August. I just started collecting again after taking oh, 5 or so years off. Maybe even longer. I don't even remember how I got started collecting. I just remember that I always had cards around. My mom would buy them for me. I know I had a lot of the 89 Donruss baseball and then like 91 Fleer or something. Seems like yesterday I collected those. My cousins all had cards and we'd sometimes trade, but I've always been hesitant to trade, carries over to fantasy sports and video games even for some reason. None of my friends know about this hobby at all except for one. I have some of the more childish hobbies, model trains being the other one. I don't know, I just feel like if a girl finds out that I have model trains or sports cards they will think I'm weird or something. I used to be into the collecting. I collected all the sports, except hockey. After awhile I got out of that and started to play MLB Showdown, Magic, and WWF Raw Deal. I was big into those. We had a card store in town for awhile and it was the greatest. I loved that place. I quit playing that stuff around my freshman year as well, trying to be more mature.

    I've just recently started collecting again, probably for a little over a month, maybe two months now. My mom and grandpa came and visited me at college, we stopped at a hotel/Perkins and there was a card show in the events room at the hotel, I stopped in and it just got me hooked again. I don't know why. I've never pulled a GU or anything in the 10 some odd years of collecting and the cards now just looked really cool. I've bought a bunch of those Target boxes and a few packs and have pulled osme nice cards. It's a great feeling opening up the pack and seeing a GU.

    As for the guys that I collect. I'm a Brewers fan, Ben Sheets is the ace, I like Ben Sheets a lot, therefore I collect him. I've always liked Eric Chavez, he's got the fielding ability, he can hit, and he's just a great player. I've always admired the way he plays the game so I collect him. Barry Zito, I guess I just started buying his cards out of no where. I bought a couple cards from someone and there were 2 of his, I've been a fan of his for awhile. He is what I'd like to be, a great ball player and a great guitar player, what more can a guy ask for. Complete chick magnet right, an athlete and a musician. I guess I don't really know though for sure how I started collecting him. I just did. I'm looking for one more guy to collect. I'm leaning towards Vernon Wells or just Wisconsin nativs in general. Wells is just a great ball player. I'm not really sure. Dewon Brazelton is also getting some recognition in my collection. We'll see.

    I might start collecting football, but I'm still a little hesitant, I mean I hear Brett Favre cards are pretty pricey kind of. I don't know who'd I'd collect. We'll have to wait and see. It all depends on the money situation.

    So that is kind of my story. I think this might be another hobby I kind of keep quiet for awhile. I'm just nervous about people finding out and then thinking I'm a loser. I've always been that way. Long story, but you asked. Enjoy.

    Awesome hobby!!!!

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    BrewCrew06 - It's nothing to be ashamed of...But I know what you mean. Most people think this hobby is for little kids, but in reality, probably more older people collect than little kids...The kids sit in front of the TV ALL day playing video games. (What happened to building forts in the Anyways, I liked reading your story. It's pretty cool how you came across that card show. And yes, this hobby has changed A LOT since those '89 Donruss The funnest and most enjoyable parts of collecting for me is trading over the Internet with hundreds of people like you and me all over the country, and even in other countries. As well as finding those Ryan cards I need, no matter how much they're worth. I think my wife gets jealous because I get mail EVERYDAY!!

    Thanks for your reply and good luck with your collection...and Brett Favre would probably be a good person to collect, even though his cards are expensive! JOSH

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    Hey Josh I've been collecting baseball cards since I was around 7 or 8. I'll be 37 in a couple months and I'm doing more collecting now that I did as a kid. The card collecting industry has taken a massive demographic shift over the last decade or so. You now see more adults than children collecting these days, which is why Upper Deck is trying to reach out to the younger generation. Cards are much much more expensive then they were back in the day. I don't know too many kids that can afford to go out and drop $150 on a hobby box.
    What I really hated to see was MLB taking away Donruss/Leaf/Playoff's license to produce baseball cards in 2006. That was done because MLB felt there were too many different products produced, which I agree with. But stripping Donruss of their license wasn't the answer in my opinion. I think they should of just limited each manufacturer to a certain number of products each year and then regulate prices so that they can reach the younger demographic. Just my 2 Cents...

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    Well since everyone is sharing their stories, I guess I should share mine. I started collecting when I was 8, since my cousin talked my dad into getting me into baseball cards as a hobby since he was a huge collector at the time and he was always meeting players in Puerto Rico for winter ball. He met all the big carribean stars, so my dad bought me a couple boxes of 1991 Upper Deck and such and I caught up quick. Mostly base and inserts I was hot on the hobby for years just about till I hit 8th grade then I stopped all of a sudden. Never pulled a GU or Auto either, so I went through High school and graduated and all, not until February when Valentines Day rolled around that my girlfriend bought me a pack and a Marlins shirt and told me to get back into the hobby I loved so much.

    That following week and I went on Ebay and bought some boxes. Not luck with most of them because I didn't know much about hobby boxes. But one seller made a mistake or something and he sent me a hobby box and I pulled a Nolan Ryan wooden plate card and Joe Mauer GU card. I went nuts, so cool to finally get that. Kept buying boxes and now I been doing good ever since. I stopped with boxes and came to SFC and buy singles now. I been building my collection like crazy, and its a blast!!! I can't believe how fun it is and how organized I have kept myself in it. I am doing my own site on it and making sure my collection always look presentable, amazingly fun and I will probably be in this for awhile to come. When I start to get more income when I get my job I will be able to buy those big boxes and pull more stuff and start do do some trading, I just want to be able to have my own collection and say I built it myself with good moves. Anyways thats my story and thanks for reading. LOL

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    mrbaseball - I appreciate your reply, and you "2 cents". I agree with you 100%. Donruss was my favorite product...Diamond Kings is probably my favorite. I remember when I was little, collecting cards was very popular...But not so much anymore. Video games have taken over the world! I hope to pass down my passion for this hobby to my kids, whenever I have some...hopefully soon. And I miss the days when packs cost under a some of these packs cost $100+ and only come with 3 cards!! Again, I appreciate your reply. JOSH

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    CYmarlins - Nice story, and nice pull on the Ryan GU'd!! I wish I had pulled that. My collection is also very organized. I customized the closet in my hobby room with shelves on each side to put all my boxes. And I keep all the STAR cards in top loaders, and commons in monster boxes (5,000 ct.). I'm real specific about my Ryan collection too...Whenever I get a new Ryan I need in the mail (through a trade or eBay) I put it in a brand new sleeve and top loader...some people might think that's going a little My wife jokes with me sometimes and says i'm obsessed with collecting and trading cards, and I tell her "it keeps me sane". Thanks for the reply. JOSH

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    Josh thats exactly what i do! lol. I always put my GU Auto in brand new toploaders and penny sleeves so that they look nicer and more clear. I just want them to be more presentable and I use the other stuff their shipped into to ship back out in trades or sale. If you love the hobby alot u will do anything to make urself happy lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdthakid36
    I'm 23, almost 24..., and sometimes I get the impression that collecting sports cards and memorabilia is "childish". Well I'm the kind of person that doesn't care what people say or think, and I love this hobby more and more each day. I know there's a bunch of traders my age, younger, and older. It makes me happy, and motivates me when I see threads posted, and make trades with people here.... JOSH
    I know how you feel. I'm one of the older traders here but I'm glad I've got my 14-yr-old son into the hobby. Its good for bonding (and upgrading the PC, too lol). What's also cool is knowing that SCF has one or more members who are firefighters, federal agents, nuclear facility management, insurance industry types, college students, etc. Not so childish now, eh?

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    The way I look at it is, find something you like and stick to it. You dont have enough time to listen to someone tell you what your hobby should be.

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