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    Need about 10 06 Taurean Henderson (Texas Tech) rookies + others

    Hey all,

    I need about 10 of those Henderson cards from PP, HIT, Aspire whatever...

    Also I am still in need of some of the lower end Tomlinson rookies from Press Pass, Topps, Victory and other issues like that. I might even be willing to buy those if you can make me a really good deal on them...If you have some higher end ones I might be willing to trade for them depending on what you need of my stuff, It is not critical that I get them so I will be picky about what I will trade for them.

    LMK if anyone has any,

  2. Kronozio
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    06 Sage Hit Taurean Henderson Auto Silver

    You got any interest in that?

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    Actually I have that one already, but thanks for the offer!

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    I could use the Henderson, but other than that I just didn't see anything I could use right now. What would you need for just the Henderson?

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    It's an SP, but bv is only $1.00.
    Alone it wouldnt be worth the postage to sell or trade.
    If wanna send me 40 cents and SASE I'll send it out.

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    Thanks for the offer but I will pass. I agree that by itself it isn't worth the effort involves, that is why I am trying to find someone that has like 5 or more at once. Really I am looking for a friend here that has a shop so by the time I send the .40 and pay postage both ways I would pay more than I would get for it.
    Appreciate you getting back to me though,

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