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Thread: What to buy???????

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    What to buy???????

    I posted a help thread on the basketball card forum and got some advice.
    This weekend I am going by a card shop or two and also a show where Beckett will be doing some grading.

    While I am not a collector I feel like I would like to take a shot a a few packs and give the guys their some business if I am going to be asking questions.

    What are some good packs to try and get lucky with?
    I dont expect to find anything great but I would hate to waste my money
    on some packs with no shot of getting anything.

    Thanks and who knows maybe I will get lucky

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    Buy singles- especially if you're going to be getting things graded- packs can contain damaged cards, redemptions you'll wait forever for, etc... How about Boris Diaw and Leandro Barbosa SP, SPX, Chrome- Their cards will all be jumping anyhow, so why not get some graded... once the new Beckett comes out you can cash in right away...

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    singles are a good thing for u if ur just gonna get stuff graded and maybe even sell or add to PC.

    if u just want to collect for fun and buiild some sets or pull MOJO then go more for the packs. and GOOD LUCK!

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