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    New Bucket Stuff LT Aikman Moss Portis

    All those and more... tons of stuff like Gwynn auto if you check my other threads... LET'S DO SOMETHING... Rainy, crappy days are made for trading!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Hey man, whats up? I like these:
    Moss Jersey
    Aikman Jersey

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    Ok, I think we will finally hook up on a trade... I'll take a peek and get back to you... stick around a minute...

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    Ill be on for another hour or so, so just shoot me a PM. Really like the look of that Moss.

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    My list is the one under my name, its the "View my Trade List" function. Right underneath your Ebay ID.

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    Over 25 new adds since last post... LOTSA Higher end patches/autos...

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