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    Anybody Want To Buy Bubble Mailers???

    My old supplier went out of business so I had to switch to a new one. The catch is that they only sell them by the 500 ct. case and I can't use that many.

    If anybody is interested let me know. They are the 4"x8" size. I figure if I sell them for around $15 dlvd for 50 of them I can just break even after I pay for S&H.

    If you buy them 1 at a time in WallyWorld they will cost you around .50 cents a piece so you would only get around 30 for $15. 50 of the same ones on eBay cost you $16 dlvd or more.

    I am not trying to get in the business of selling mailers but if I buy 500 for myself it will take me 4 years to use them all LOL

    If you want some just let me know via e-mail or PM. If you want more than 50 or even half a case then we can work out a great deal for you.

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    OK, 250 are spoken for. Anybody want the other 100-150?

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    duane shoot me an email telling me what you pay per enevelope. I can get them in smaller lots.

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