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    Question I've never GRADED a card before. Should I grade this one?

    I'm debating whether I should grade this card I pulled. The 1/1 in my signature.

    I need some advice on this. How much would it cost? Is it worth it?

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    Haha, yeah. I thought of that. I'm definitely gonna hang on to the card for a while.

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    I would not grade it! Why? There's only one of that card made. People pay a lot of extra money to have the card with the highest grade. That includes that you have to have others with a lower grade to get the bonus. Your card cannot be compared to others cause there's only one. If you get a BGS6 or a 10, it technically doesn't get you much bonus due to lack of comparison.


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    send it now so that when they here of him its ready.
    First, go buy a loupe from an art supply store. Inspect the card for any flaws with it. Also buy a line gauge and check the centering.
    As for cost go to and pull up a graidng sheet. I think 1 card will run around $30 including shipping back to you.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks Hendrikus - You convinced me. I'm not gonna grade it.

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