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Thread: Football RC's/GU for sale

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    Football RC's/GU for sale

    I am not a football collector, so all the rcís/GU that I have are for sale. Iím not sure of the BV of most of these items, so I am just using logic in determining the prices. My asking price for the item is in parenthesis. All prices include all shipping charges as well!!! Hopefully my prices are reasonable, as I not a football collector. All prices can also be negotiated too if needed!
    Please let me know if anything at all interests you!

    David Boston- 99 UD MVP($3)
    Courtney Brown- 00 Stadium Club($2)
    Daunte Culpepper- 99 Edge($3)
    Travis Taylor- 00 Topps Gallery($3)
    R. Jay Soward- 00 Topps Stars($1)
    Tim Couch- 99 UD MVP($3)
    Koren Robinson- 01 Topps($2)
    Ricky Williams- 99 UD MVP($5)
    Peyton Manning- 98 Topps($5)
    Chad Pennington- 00 Edge T3($6)
    Keyshawn Johnson- 96 SP($5)
    Antwaan Randle El- 02 Bowman($4)
    Champ Bailey- 99 Edge($2)
    Randy Moss- 98 Metal($3)
    Randy Moss- 00 Edge T3(non-rc)($2)

    Jeff Garcia- 03 SP Game Used X Wing Formations jersey card #18/99! ($7)

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    u collect baseball? maybe we can trade, or are u only looking to sell?

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    Im mainly just selling(as i really need the money).

    Otherwise, i would trade for Alfonso Soriano, Kobe Bryant, White Sox/Bears/Bulls players', or GU/Autos of baseball HOFers.

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    i have 2002 fleer greats dueling duos ralph kaline bat lmk if interested...

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    sorry, already have that card...

    I would be willing to negotiate the selling prices of my items if needed...Who were you interested in?

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    i was interested in this.Jeff Garcia- 03 SP Game Used X Wing Formations jersey card #18/99! ($7)
    but i dont want to buy sorry.

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