here is the list id like to trade them all at once if possible or 2-3 at a time but if you only like one then thats ok.

2004 leaf certified mark prior jersey auto #/3 bv 100ish
2005 bowman sterling black refractor josh fields auto jersey #/25 bv 40-50
ron santo auto ball with coa bv 80-90
felix pie auto ball with coa bv 90-100
2005 absolute memorabilia team quads cubs mark prior 3clr patch,mark grace 3clr patch,ron santo bat, andre dawson jersey #/10 bv 80 ish
2005 donruss greats jim thorpe jersey card bv 150
2005 i belive it diamond kings rod carew jersey/bat/auto 1/1 looking 180-200 bv

im looking for a nice auto or 2 for the thorpe.