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    I WANNA TRADE TO. i wanna make a huge trade

    i would like to deal all this stuff on one big deal if possibel. if not just tell me what you like here is the list.

    2004 leaf certified mark prior jersey auto #/3 bv 100ish
    2005 bowman sterling black refractor josh fields auto jersey #/25 bv 40-50
    ron santo auto ball with coa bv 80-90
    felix pie auto ball with coa bv 90-100
    2005 absolute memorabilia team quads cubs mark prior 3clr patch,mark grace 3clr patch,ron santo bat, andre dawson jersey #/10 bv 80 ish
    2005 donruss greats jim thorpe jersey card bv 150
    2005 diamond kings rod carew jersey/bat/auto 1/1 looking 180-200 bv

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    ok you should have one back then

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    could a mod please explain why this thread was moved when i clearly have several cards with 100+bv

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    hey pm sent back, and it was moved because in the highend forum you are only allowed to post cards that book over 100, and you had some on there that booked less than 100.

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    oh ok so all cards must book 100+ and you got a om back

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