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    13-14 ITG H&P box - Damage control

    Grabbed a box of H&P looking for some top prospect mojo. I always like this release and this year is no different. Love the 3D cards but don't love the Hero's cards painted theme (or whatever you want to call it), but on the whole a solid product. Also picked up 4 packs which yielded only a 3D of Ho-Sang.

    Don't know if I beat the odds on hits but I feel it was an average box (will get to the title part later).

    Box results:


    Top Prospects Game-Used Black - Stephen Harper (poor guy)
    Game-Used Jersey Black - Sam Reinhart
    Prospect Trios Silver /40 - Altshuller/Murray/Giugovaz


    Nick Ritchie
    Rourke Chartier


    Blake Clarke
    Matt Mistele
    Adam Ollas Mattsson

    So all in all other than the Reinhart not a great box. What's even worse is that is was $100 but that's the cost of doing business I guess.

    Here's where the title comes in. 2 of the GU cards are damaged. They were pulled this way. A little bit of a tear on the back of the Harper GU and the back of the "best" hit looks like it was attacked by an animal or something (peeling badly). Here's a picture:

    Anyone have any experience with ITG and damaged cards? I know Dr. Price is on here sometimes so someone must know something. I'm really bummed about a mid-end product like this coming with damaged cards. I know these things happen with all the companies but that doesn't make it any better for me.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Link to the hits:

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    Message ITG. I think they are on Facebook and twitter as well they usually respond and are pretty good with replacements

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    email them. i got the same problem last year. i sent 3 damage cards and they resent all of them in perfect condition..with better patches.

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    Hi, did your point are available ? And the Ritchie 3D, and what is the 10th you've pulled ?

    And your PM box is full...

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