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    Lofton Triple (Tag) /15 Nash Jsy /50 +++

    Added 22 new items to the old bucket... LMK what you like what & you'll offer... MY NEW NEED- BRONCOS and Teemu Selane, Tuomo Rutuu (FINNISH Hockey) Autos also BRAD BOYES hockey High End

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    is that gomes the of thats doing well with tampa?
    If so whats bv?

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    Actually, this is his younger brother- 1 yr younger, exactly... an inch taller and 5 lbs heavier, similar stats in minors- close to a callup... This is Joey, Jonny is the D-Ray now... ONE TO WATCH!

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    what is bv?
    see anything on my site for it?

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    I might have some rcs on my site also pulled a press pass se cutler last night

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    Braves Quad, Jays six-piece, Lofton 3 pc w/ tag # 15/15, Teixeira E from Rangers, Berkman 3 color #/25, 03 Gomes Bowman's Best RC/AU... ALL OF THEM for $50 Paypal, delivered! (see bucket for scans)

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