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Thread: Looking for Lattimore

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    Looking for Lattimore

    I'm currently looking to buy Marcus Lattimore auto and relic cards. I'm not looking to pay book or eBay prices, but am willing to make a fair deal. I will be looking to make a PayPal transaction on the 15th. Please email any pics to I'm especially interested in his cards that show the school uniform and logo, but will look at all. Not against the SF cards either. Looking to spend around 100 to 200.

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    good luck buddy, that's a valiant effort, just a bit of advice, since it looks like you're a card shop, you're better off trading people. I PC Lattimore and it seems everyone has caught on to his value and rarely if ever will let his stuff go under ebay.

    If you've got some Lattimores to move, let me know!

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    Thanks for the advice 21. I'm not a card shop, my name comes from my collecting cards from Carolina players. I'm probably one of Lattimores biggest fans. I don't exactly require under eBay. I'm just looking for a $200 lot to purchase at a reasonable value. Thanks again. And u have great taste in players!

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    My email comes from where I had a very unsuccessful venture in selling online. To tell the truth, my goal is to actually own a shop. But it won't be any time in the near future.

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    Gotcha. Have been a die hard Carolina fan my whole life, graduated from there in 07 right when he was comin in. Couldn't be a more humble and persistent young guy in the NFL than him.

    Check out my bucket if you just wanna see my collection, and send me a link to yours if u have one. Always love seein the other Latti PCs out there

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