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    Looking to add another high end or 2, nice g\u, rcs & autos 2x in your favor

    Ok, this worked out fairly well for me saturday, thought Id try again. I have the following f\t. Will give you all ofthe following for one nice $100-120 auto I like
    Heres what I have left

    SPX Todd Heap auto jsy rc bv $40
    Press Pass Roy Williams auto rc (Cowboys) bv $40
    Leaf R & S Eli Manning jsy rc bv $30
    Lee Suggs auto rc #d /250 bv $60

    Kobe Bryant Finest rc bv $40
    00-01 Shaquille O'Neal Gold Label NBA Finals jsy card bv $40

    scans are on my web page


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Ive got the Musial if you still want it

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