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Thread: NBA Poker Chips for trade

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    NBA Poker Chips for trade

    Thought I would get into these, but never really did.
    Will trade these for football RC's.
    Numbered ones are
    Hakim Warrick 32/599
    Danny Granger 378/599
    Antoine Wright 112/599

    Lebron James Green/Black border
    Dwyane Wade Green/Black border
    Tim Duncan Green/Black border
    Marvin Williams Green/Black border RC
    Gerald Green White/Black border RC
    Andrew Bogut White/Black border RC
    Marvin Williams Blue/Black border RC
    Larry Bird Retired Legend Red/Black border

    Not sure of BV on any of these, so if you want them please let me know what they are worth.

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    don't really NEED them but wouldn't mind them, check my list and lmk if you NEED anything.

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    still interested just been working alot and havent' had a chance to make a offer with the stuff you said you liked. Will try this week.

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    I'm sorry man didn't think you were interested in them anymore. I just got rid of them. I still have the Perry Auto if your interested.

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