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    Question About Insert And parrels

    Just trying to tell diffrence, Like if the card is a regular number like 45 but diff like a gold border or sometin is that a parellel ive never really understood em as I just considered them interts, there are parrels correct?

    Bazooka Gold And Blue
    Press Pass SE Gold and Blue

    Just wanna make sure Im correct

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    I consider them Parallels more than inserts.
    Inserts for me have to be part of a different numbered sub-set.
    So basically I agree with your assesment of it.

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    Parallel = different version of same card wether it be a base card or insert (parallel or insert parallel)
    Insert = subset inserted into packs that is not the base set or it's parallels

    So yes, those you listed are base parallels.

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    Be aware, though, that a parallel is usually considered an insert if a pack/box states "X inserts per pack/box."
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    If checklists are included in packs, read them. If not, go to the card companies website and find the online checklist for that product. Both places will usually say which cards are base, parallel, etc.

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