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Thread: WTB ONE NICE auto via paypal

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    Cool WTB ONE NICE auto via paypal

    I have paypal available to buy a nice auto for my PC. I am looking for a nice RC auto, or a HOFer, would love to pick up a player in my sig. or a Brady or something, hell I don't know, I just want a nice new card.... I am looking to spend up to $50-$60 via paypal, PLMK who or what you have to offer! Thanks

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    for 45 i can do a shaun alexander 05 Gridiron Gear Auto Jersey /50..lmk

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    illinifan11-very nice,do you know bv?... I want to field a few offers before I decide, thanks and I will be in touch

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    I still have the julius jones bowmans best emerald green rookie auto bv 96. if interested make offer. TW

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    maddmaxx714-also a nice card, I will be in touch shortly, just a few more offers

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    Any interest in a 2001 Contenders Santana Moss RC Auto? I have an extra one I wouldn't mind getting rid of.

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    garyg21-very interested, what year and ser#?

    flemingtime-first you have a ton of very nice stuff.... what are your prices on your Jim Brown and the Alex Smith/Campbell dual auto, also the Vick auto

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