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    Quote Originally Posted by pens1fan1 View Post
    I have a feeling that Panini is going to load up the last 6 products for the year. Might be a good idea to buy a few boxes and hold on to them, if you haven't seen what happened with some of their baseball products in 05, stacked stuff.
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    AS time goes on, the majority of the products will become worthless. Out of sight, out of mind. No body wants to be associated with a loser. Heck, check out how far prices drop just year to year on Pacific product. Buying it now may be fun, but trust me, 2-3 years from now you'll say to yourself, "Why did I flush my $$$ down the toilet like that?"

    Now, don't get me wrong - I don't think the UD exclusive is a good thing in any whatsoever. In fact, I truly think it may be the death knell for our "hobby". But what're you gonna do? I honestly would love to hear from ITG what they offered the NHL/NHLPA to get back in the game (HA!) or if they were ever even considered as part of the mix? Also, what's going to happen when UD files for bankruptcy down the road, which if you know anything about the company, is a very real possibility.
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    I don't think there will be a price drop or increase. Panini will still exist and looks like they will continue to accept there redemption card even when expired for a while yet.
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