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    hi this card is a book value of 250.00 looking for good game used and good rookies

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    scan 2 if u dont like it cause its cut off email me and ill give the scans

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    Originally posted by Kilig389
    Yeah post a scan. I am really interested in the card

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    That is an awsome card. Where on earth did you find a work of art like that. Man. Well I am really interested in the card but Im a poor kid and I aint got many really good cards

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    hey some guy just offered it to me at a card show last year :D
    just list the rcs you have for trade any maybe i have somthing else you might want.

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    hey i do like some of your rookies but not for my game used but do you think we can do a smaller trade with some of my other rcs please get back as soon as possable thank you very much :)

    Originally posted by bigl0l8477
    take a look at my list and see if you like anything from it:

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    i dont trade my rookies for game used....i only trade my rookies if im getting a rookie with, what i feel, is equal potential. sorry

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