I am looking to get these out of my stuff... sell for $18 cash/mo for the whole lot OR trade for one or two rc that books for $35 (good player) There is a bv of over $164!!!! (all 2005)

Jamaal Brimmer 2005 UD rookie debut bv1.50
Alex Barron 2005 Bowman Chrome bv2
Ronald Bartell 2005 Bowman Chrome bv3
Jonathan Babineaux 2005 Bowman Chrome bv3
Josh Bullocks 2005 Bowman Chrome bv4
Kevin Burnett 2005 Bowman bv1.50
Jordan Beck 2005 Leaf rs green parallel 16/100 bv4
Shaun Cody Bowman bv1.50
Sean Considine Leaf rs bv4
Maurice Claurett Bowman Chrome bv4
Dan Cody Bowman bv1.50
Shaun Cody Topps Chrome bv5
Thomas Davis Zenith bv5
Travis Daniels Topps Chrome bv5
Vincent Fuller Bowman bv1.25
Dustin Fox Bowman bv1.50
Justin Green Bowman Chrome bv4
Kelvin Hayden Bowman bv1.25
Travis Johnson Bowman Bronze bv1.50
Bulger/Jackson/Holt Zenith Mozaic bv4
Bulger/Hasselback Contenders Toe to Toe bv4
Alphonso Hodge Bowman Chrome red bv3
Erasmus James Topps Chrome bv5
Erasmus James Bowman Chrome bv5
Marlin Jackson Bowman Chrome bv5
Eric King Bowman bv1.25
Justin Miller Bowman bv1.50
Kirk Morrison SPauth 56/100 bv4
Donovan McNabb Zenith TZ10 bv3
Justin Miller Bowman Chrome bv4
Willis McGahee Epix 471/600 bv2.50
Justin Miller Fleer Ultra bv4
Bobby Poppinga Bowman bv1.50
Antonio Perkins bv4
Jerry Rice Zenith Spellboung bv8
Barret Rudd Bowman bv1.50
Kerry Rhodes Bowman bv1.50
Sanford Rout UD 249/899 bv4
Rice/Barlow Playoff Absolute Tandems bv10
Kerry Rhodes Bowman Chrome bv5
Scott Starks Bowman bv1.25
Justin Tuck SP auth 80/100 bv4