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    Live Auctions last night, Best place to sell?! Ridiculous overpricing

    Went to a live auction last night, and wow, the prices people are willing to pay for stuff is INSANE. I swear i found myself laughing for most of the auction.

    Sidney Crosby Phenominal Beginnings set - 0.99$ on ebay u can get it for

    A display frame similar to the one from Michaels that come with the cases to put them in - approx 20$ (as they are always 50% off)

    Live auction with that Crosby stuff framed last night in that display - 140$!!!!!!!!

    I picked up the 06-07 Victory complete set with all inserts for 7$ (all rookies, malkin, kessel, kopitar, etc.) which is worth way more than that Crosby set in % terms.

    Think Ill be doing the opposite route and selling stuff on consignment at this weekly auction then going to buy.

    Three other auctions consisted of one binder each. First one had inserts from 90 to present. Alas, all inserts, looked through it, maybe worth 25-30$. Whopping 85$.

    Next a binder of vintage, nothing in there was mint and no big names. about 150 cards. Should have been 15-20$, sold for 75$.

    Next binder pretty much exactly the same and again 75$.

    Anyone else experience this foolishness at live auctions?? lol

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    Andrew, as a former auctioneer myself it pains me to say this but I've been fooled by auction fever. I took my two boys to a sale in swift current a couple years back and I paid stupid amounts of money for 3 binders of early 90's upper deck and score. The sets were mostly complete but not quite. But at the end of the day I never paid shipping and I took the cards home the same day and my boys were happy too.

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    fair enough Eric! I just think its time I put these auctions to use to move some hard to move items. Big boxes of 3200 base could easily go 50-60$ from what ive been seeing, vintage lots of no names can go big for sure. As long as the name is big, people are going into a bidding war

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    Andrew you'd be crazy not to lol. If you can get $50-$60 for otherwise worthless base then great. One mans trash is another's treasure.

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    I got caught up in the bidding at a live auction with some comics. I got some cool old Fantastic Fours from the 1960s but definitely overpayed. Haven't been back since. I wonder how many of those winners from last night are at card shops today trying to turn a profit? You got a nice deal on that Victory set though.

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    jandrack musta caught "auction fever" lol. As long as your happy with your purchase that's the most important thing IMO.

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    I still like bases, just like when I started to collect cards in late '80's and beginning of the 90's. can be a buyer of 3200 bases lol

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    Could you PM me some info on that auction? From the sounds of it this might be the best way to move the remainder of my collection
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    I was at an auction where I witnessed a bidding war over a 9 pocket ultra pro page, with 9 Crosby inserts. Maybe $9 value if you put them at a buck a card. Bloody thing sold for $72 dollars. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing.
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    Agreed! About a year ago there was a large live auction here in Vancouver that had sealed cases of 1990/91 ProSet, 1991/92 UD, etc. Stuff that if you bought it for $100 you'd say to yourself, "Ugh! Now I have to throw all this crap out!!". At the live auction the cases went for $300 - $400 each!! It was insane!

    Do keep in mind though that after fees, etc as the seller you probably only get about half of what the item sells for. But still, after seeing the live auctions over the past year or so, it really did make me realise that when I dumped my 20,000+ card collection I really should have gone the live auction route.
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