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    Advice Please

    I'm trying to get back into baseball cards, but I'm confused as to what the good products are. I had my heart set on waiting for the Topps Co-signers, but those seem to be a wash, with way too many of the same sigs surfacing. Is there any paticular box that is already out or will be coming out soon that is a good product, somewhere around 100 bucks a box? I'm not really looking to complete sets, I am looking more for Auto and GU cards. Any information you guys would give me, would be great!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Hey Phil,

    I haven't busted a box of it yet but I hear good things about Fleer 2006 Greats of the Game Baseball, the product details say 2 auto's and 2 game used per box. Not really sure about same sigs issue, but I have been told it a good shot to get a great legend of baseball.

    If you get one let me know how you do. On ebay I think you can get a box for about 90-100 bucks....good luck

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    Sounds like the box for me... Thanks a lot, next time I make a trip to Montgomery, I'll grab a box.

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    Funny I just received two boxes I bought on ebay and thought I would never get (had a Paypal claim for them)

    I got Steve Carlton Auto, Willy Horton Auto, Cal Ripken GU, Barry Larkin GU and some inserts, the set is ok, but I think it is pretty much worth it.....I am saving the other box for a rainy day, but I will reply when I open it

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    Phil 2005 Donruss Champions offers several game-used cards per box (6 per I believe)

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