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    Canadian Football League (CFL) cards

    Anyone interested in trading CFL cards for other CFL cards or for hockey, please PM me. I have both modern (Pacific Atomic) and older sets that I'm looking to trade with. Thanks a lot!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I am looking for the following CFL cards:

    2002 JOGO #111
    2003 Atomic CFL Gold #21
    2003 Atomic CFL Red #21
    2003 JOGO #80
    2003 Pacific CFL #24
    2003 Pacific CFL Promos #24
    2003 Pacific CFL Red #24

    I don't have any CFL cards to trade but would love to move any hockey I have that you may need for these cards.


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    Sorry, I said I had the Atomic, but I only have the Pacific set from 2003. I also don't have any of the more modern JOGO, although I do have older JOGO. Let me know if there's anything from 03 Pacific you need!

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