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    Santonio Holmes Lucky 13 RC #111/500

    Pulled this over the weekend...having serious thoughts about selling it on the Bay, since the last one went for $40 dlvd...but will take offers on similar/comparable Bears RC or Auto or patch/Jsy.

    LMK what you got if you are interested.

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    flemingtime - no thanks, want to get as close to a 1 for 1 deal as possible.

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    I will give you 35 dlvd for it and you can avoid the ebay charges

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    steelersrock...didn't see anything, thanks anyways

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    I have a hot prospects bernard berrian auto patch /344 on my site

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    hockeydad - didn't see anything, thanks

    steelersrock - I didn't bother looking at your autos last time I was on your site, since you have on your website: I WILL NOT, I REPEAT I WILL NOT TRADE AUTOS FOR NON AUTOS

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    I would trade an Auto for the Santonio
    Its there because some people will say all I like is your Kevin Jones Contenders Auto when I like say a Patrick Crayton Bowman Rookie Card.

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