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Thread: Looking for Auto baseballs

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    Looking for Auto baseballs

    Let me know what you have and are looking for. Only looking to buy

  2. Kronozio
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    I have an Eric Milton Steiner No-Hit ball. Also have Ron Gardenhire, Al Kaline, and Jacque Jones. Anything of interest?

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    Ryan Howard Auto Ball with COA

    Looking for $125

    Let me know.


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    showtime your just to high. I see them going for 30 to 50. I bought a Mays with tristar coa for 115

    dh5123 the Kaline please give me some moer info on the ball

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    i have a steiner ozzie smith autoed ball need 50 paypal for it.lmk either way

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    I have a collection of over 250 signed baseballs and if you post your email here I will send you the list. thanks

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    i have a 1956 phillies team ball and a late 50's yankees team with mantle in the sweet spot.both have coa from global authentication.check my site for pictures.lmk thanks.steve

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    Arod, Edmonds,Chipper,Pete Rose,Musial,Ortiz,Damon,Sweeney,Wilmer Dean Chance Cy young insc.BJ Upton, 05 Indians team signed ball.Mariano Rivera,Tom gordon,David Wright,Grady Sizemore,Tony Gwynn,Josh Phelps,Jose Valentin,Jason Phillips, Coco Crisp.. just to name a few all signed in person..Do you need any bats??

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    PM sent... I've got a Nolan Ryan and Vernon Wells.

    Let me know if you're interested.

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