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    i'm looking to sell a ben gordon auto

    its an 04-05 ultra season crown auto redemption card. looking for the best offer so let me hear them thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    Just a question, but if is Fleer Ultra, isnt it Unredeemable since they went under? Maybe Im mistaken.

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    yeah, what viking said.

    If it isn't redeemed, it is worthless. Might get a couple bucks on ebay but that is it

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    are you serious you can't redem. them but how are they making 2006 ultra football then? lmk

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    Well, it depends on when this product actually came out. Was it PRE Fleer Going Under, or After UD bought it? Cuz Now Upper Deck is making Fleer products...

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    UD Decided To Continue What Fleer Started For the 2006 Year Of Cards They Produced But This Will Be the last Year Of Fleer Product And As Far As that Redemption Is Concerned like Other Guys Said Its Worthless Now u Can Prlly Send it In and Maybe Get a Gu for it Or Something Or Even Get Nothing lol i know i sent off 2 Redemptions And didnt Get Anything Back.
    Collecting All Current Oakland raiders Primarily Carr, Mack, Cooper, Crabtree, Also any Legend or HOF raider players as well.
    Just getting back into the Hobby so not much tradebait right now, PC has become available if anyone is interested.
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    Please NOTE: Photobucket is not updated, Only PC cards are accurate anything else has been traded or sold thanks

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