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    Recent Malhotra Pick-Ups + Whale!

    So I haven't shared some of my Malhotra pick-ups as of late, and I think it's time I share them, even if I do have more big cards incoming, I can share those later.

    So we'll start slow:

    A couple of more common cards that I had a harder time spotting:
    11-12 Pinnacle Rink Collection
    98-99 Bowman Chrome CHL OPC International #10

    An Oddball card:
    Over-sized Line-Up Card: November 29, 1998 Vs. Nashville #10 /3000

    09-10 OPC Retro Rainbow /100

    01-02 BAP Memorabilia Sapphire /100

    98-99 Bowman Chrome CHL 50th Anniversary #10 /50

    98-99 UD Profiles Quantum 2 /50

    99-00 MVP Gold and Super Scripts /100 and /25 (Thanks to Andreas "Reborn")

    Which completes this rainbow:

    And finally...

    ...Are you ready...

    ..For my Gold standard...

    97-98 Zenith Z-Gold /100 (A huge thank you for cutting a deal with me to Seth "gobuffalo2331" on H.I.) One of the biggest cards in my collection!

    To Finally complete this rookie rainbow:

    I couldn't be happier with this! Thanks for looking!

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    Malhotra PC: 271/381 71.1% + 1 Game-Used Stick

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    Great job! That Zenith is an awesome looking card and Congrats on completing the Rainbow!
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Some nice cards there. You have been exceptional at finding some cards I never knew existed.

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    Thank you, I knew the Z-Gold was out there, it's just about impossible to find....and cost me some solid coin, especially for a Malhotra card haha
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    Malhotra PC: 271/381 71.1% + 1 Game-Used Stick

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    some nice pickups congrats!!! PM sent about a card I found floating around

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    Very nice pickups. Congrats on the Zenith rainbow.

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