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    Awesome idea ! I've experienced this a couple times myself and it's a great feeling. I know the BlackDiam0nd used to do this all of the time when she was actively trading on here back in the day.

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    You all made me warm and fuzzy on the inside.... now stop doing that!!!!

    Im going to check the Rolodex and see if i can find anyone collecting NFC East teams.
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    Roger: Very nice gesture ..... I experienced an unbelievable gesture of this fashion only months after joining this forum. I received a very high end Stamkos card from "blmdear" only because he had an extra. I'll always remember his generosity and I've paid it forward several times thanks to that traders act of charity !!!!
    Good on all you traders that collect for the love of the hobby ...... and not as a secondary source of income .....

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    I have the 2013 Topps baseball series 1&2 box. I'm willing to send the entire thing to someone. Send me an DM explaining why u want it. I'll pick the best, most deserving answer.

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    I will also send one person a mint condition Albert Pujols rookie card from Just Minors! I have a duplicate, it shows him in a community college jersey. Inbox me.

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    I've been wanting to do this for so long, just didn't want people thinking I was joking or odd etc lol...

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    Great idea I will search out some members

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    thumbs up. i add extras when i can to trades or sells
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    I have been on both ends of this and honestly making someone happy to receive an unexpected item is probably as much fun as receiving something lol. It seems like this hobby is headed towards most people just looking to make a quick buck but I know there are some collectors out there still and something like this is what it's all about. Watching stuff getting handed over and sold time after time on these razz sites just makes me shake my head sometimes. I know these days everything is all about the $$$ and sometimes it's just sad. Anyway great idea
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