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Thread: Sports Cards Carrying Case

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    Sports Cards Carrying Case

    I am looking for a nice carrying case to carry my cards around in. I am sick of taking a cardboard box where ever I go any ideas or suggestions will be great. I tried to look for some on ebay could not find any I don't know if there's a specific name for them hope someone could help. Trying to get one before the show this weekend Thanks again.
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    its designed for magic cards but I imagine it would work great for sports cards as well

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    it would depend on if the cards are in toploaders, snap tight, or magnetic holder etc...its a fairly decent size case

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    i like it. I may bring to the nationals this year

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    take them out of the toploaders - they take up too much space.
    After you do this put an elastic band around the whole stack; this will
    keep the whole pile together nicely. You should be able to shove them into
    your coat pocket for easy access.

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