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    looking for white sox game used or rookie cards

    i am looking for any white sox game used or rookie cards for trade
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    I have a decent amount of rookies I can part with, most are newer issues...looking for anyone specific?

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    thome, garland, iguchi, and buehrle rookies and any game used cards that u have so let me no what u have in game used and tell me if u have those rookies

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    Here is what I have:

    2005 Donruss Greats #142
    2005 Sweet Spot #17
    2005 Reflections #280
    2005 Zenith #217

    2000 Bowman Draft Picks #69

    Thought I had more Iguchis, but must have dealt them. As far as White Sox GU, they are all part of my personal collection and will be difficult to get. I'm looking for Frank Thomas cards I don't have as well as serially #'d White Sox and Braves.

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